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UK-RES-2100547 March 2021.

I’m thrilled to introduce Together in Respiratory on behalf of the wonderful Editorial Board, who’ve been great colleagues and friends for much of my respiratory career. They have been instrumental in pulling together this new, innovative, and we believe useful resource mixing education, aspiration, and peer support. We aim to offer different resources in various formats and commit to regularly updating the content and varying it to encourage you to keep coming back. The content has been developed to assist your continuous professional development and help with revalidation.

We have interviews with five nurses working in various roles to interest you and give you some idea of a few different career opportunities for you in respiratory nursing and beyond. These are accompanied by photographs by Tim Dunk, who assures me no-one has been airbrushed.

We have educational content in the form of three eLearning modules covering an introduction to asthma, diagnosis of asthma and challenges in asthma care.

Anne Marie Marley, Consultant Respiratory Nurse at the Mater in Belfast, reflects on nurse recruitment – an issue for all of us.

And in our podcast, radio journalist Peg Alexander speaks to Fiona Murden, who believes psychology is an invaluable resource in understanding our own and others’ behaviour, and a founding member and coordinator of the NHS Choir, Caroline Duffy. Some may remember the NHS Choir originally featured on the BBC 2 series Sing While You Work with Gareth Malone. Peg also speaks to Maria Parsonage, a Respiratory Nurse Consultant with a number of accolades to her name.

Finally, it would be remiss of me not to mention the willingness of our first authors and contributors to develop content for the website. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed pulling it together.

Jane Scullion with and on behalf of the Editorial Board.

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UK-RES-2100462 April 2021