Amazing that I now write my second Letter from The Editor, and to look back at how the website has expanded and evolved over the last two years.

It has been a time of change and reflection for many nurses with the several strikes across healthcare professionals – not first and foremost about pay, but more about working conditions and safe and effective patient care. Clearly nurses need strong and active leadership, and we have an article exploring effective leadership and management in healthcare – and its importance in these times of change and pressure on the NHS.

On the clinical side, we take a a closer look at the guidance and best practice for emergency oxygen in respiratory patients, always  a useful topic – lifesaving, but proceed with caution.

We also take a fresh look at exacerbations in COPD, and how early recognition of those at risk of exacerbations, alongside appropriate interventions, will reduce morbidity, mortality and the psychological distress experienced by patients.

For those thinking about a change of direction, Jessica Trigg’s experience in transitioning from clinical practice nursing to research nursing is useful as an alternative pathway but still influencing patient care.

And on a practical note, where to start when it comes to submitting our reflective practice as part of revalidation. That you’re reading this, and looking at the website, is a great start to form some of your reflective practice.

This July, the NHS marked 75 years of service – a great time to reflect on the changing role of nurses and the tremendous impact that nurses have had on patients, their care, the development of the nursing profession, and the NHS.

Here’s to the next 75.

Jane, with and on behalf of, the Editorial Board.

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