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Together in Respiratory is the perfect space for healthcare professionals to come together to hear new perspectives and brush up on their respiratory and clinical skills. Led by a community of nurses and their colleagues, and written by people just like you, you can make yourself at home on the platform.

But with so much to explore, there’s a chance you haven’t seen all you can do here.

Did you know you can participate in so much more with your very own profile? From tracking your progress to reflecting on articles, let’s see what you can do by setting up and using your profile.

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Bookmark favourite pieces

Everything you see on Together in Respiratory is written or endorsed by nurses and healthcare experts. Whether you want to keep pace with hot topics in nursing or hear fresh perspectives, there’s something on Together in Respiratory for you.

With a profile, you can log in and bookmark articles to read later – perfect if you’re in a rush and want to easily find the article again later. All your bookmarked articles are saved together in one place within your profile page.

Set up your profile

Reflect on the latest insights

Keeping a reflective journal is important for all nurses, and you’ll find it easy to reflect on any of the articles on Together in Respiratory with a profile. Get the most out of your reading time and engage with every piece of content by using our reflections function.

With your profile, you can share your thoughts, reflect on any of the articles and build your written reflective accounts. Articles can refresh your memory, change your viewpoint, or inspire a new way of tackling a problem – with the Together in Respiratory profile function, you can keep these notes all in one place.

Simply find the reflections log at the bottom of each article page and jot down your thoughts. These are stored safely in your private profile, making it the perfect place to keep everything together and prepare for revalidation.

Set and keep track of your targets

By setting up and using your profile, you can keep a log of your progress and track against the targets you’ve set yourself each month. Whether you want to track your hours for the month, discover the number of articles you’ve read or how many eLearning modules you’ve completed, your profile is the perfect place to keep everything together.

Remember, qualifying articles, reflection time and completing eLearning modules accrue time toward your monthly goal, which you can use as part fulfilment of your revalidation.

What’s more, you can download and print your monthly progress, if you like.

Keep track of your progress

Start now

It’s quick and easy to set up and use your profile. Start now to get the most out of Together in Respiratory.

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